Mammoth Donkeys
White Mike and Silver Fox are both fully frosted
spotted white Mammoth Jacks.  Their in-mature
heights are White Mike at about  56", with Silver Fox
about 55 1/2".  They are the off-springs of Jacks &
Jennies that are all over 58" in height.
Ramblin Jack, Silver Fox, White Mike, and Sugar the Mare.
More pictures to come, I know these are terrible.
All Jacks featured above were
sired by Awesome Otis.
A spotted, mammoth jack that has great conformation,
sweet disposition, interesting color, and will put a great
head on that mule or donkey.  Pastured only with other
jacks--no contact with jennets.  Ready for breeding of
mules or mammoth donkeys; also would be great for
trail riding, driving or showing.  He has been
hand-raised and is tame.
White Mike
Silver Fox